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Here at we have divided the offers so that you can find an offer that is close to where you live. As you can see at the bottom of the page, we are in all the major cities in Europe like cities in Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

This page is the BlackDeals.Black for USA.

When you want to find a private accommodation

If you are searching by region, search by clicking on the map above or by using the search function in the red box above. Searching by Googlemap you will find an accommodation via the red dots that appear. Clicking on a dot, you can see more about each accommodation. If you use the search function in the red box, then mark your wishes in the fields. Once you have pressed search, you will see a full list of accommodations matching your search criteria. From there you can click on to the host page for more information. To the right you can see randomly selected accommodations from across the country.

We wish you a good trip and cozy nights in Denmark...

Bed and Breakfast

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